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Get to enjoy the country in a completely different way when you take a motorcycle tour of South Africa. You have more exposure to the many diverse cultures when you explore South Africa in this way. Enjoy the spectacular climate and stop in all the best places for accommodation and dining. Of course, with the breathtaking scenery, you will certainly want to stop and take pictures. There are several different tours you can arrange to see all of South Africa. This is such a vast country, you won't be able to see everything in one trip.


What You Need to Know

When you book your tour through one of the motorcycle tour companies, you get the use of a motorcycle for the length of the tour. The gas is not included in this, so you do need to have money to buy this yourself. You also have the services of a trained guide to take you to all the locations and the motorcycle insurance is also included. You don?t have to worry about your meals and accommodations, as these are included in the cost of the tour. However, tips and side trips you might want to take are your responsibility.


The usual starting point for a motorcycle tour of South Africa is Cape Town. This area is renowned for its Table Mountain, the vast vineyards and the exquisite coastline. Take the early morning cable car to the top of Table Mountain and enjoy a full breakfast at the restaurant located at the top. Learn about Apartheid and the struggles to attain victory when you visit Rubbin Island, about 12 km. from the city.

Throughout your motorcycle tour, you can explore small villages, such as Struis Bas, the southernmost tip of the continent. As you drive inland, you will go through fields of wheat and the historic town of Swellendam, where you think you are in Holland, with the Dutch style buildings. Take the original old roads on your tour, which will take you off the beaten path to see sights of South Africa the normal tourist does not get to see.

You will also go through stretches of open land where there are no communities for hundreds of kilometres. Some of the sights you can expect to see are the ostriches of Oudtshoom, the Cango Caves and wildlife parks, where you will see the animals of this country in their natural habitat.


Most of the motorcycle tours in South Africa provide bed and breakfast accommodation because you are travelling through small towns and villages. These are 4-star locations with amenities at your fingertips. The Adley House in Oudtshoom, for example, is a restored Victorian mansion located on 2 acres of land with two swimming pools for the guests. The Montana Lodge is another possibility on such a tour, where you can stay at a farmhouse with perfectly landscaped gardens. At night, these gardens are lit, so that you can still enjoy a stroll in the cool mountain breeze.

Your dining needs along this tour consist of gourmet meals prepared to your individual taste. You will stop at only the finest restaurants and enjoy the best of what South Africa has to offer.


Each of the stops along your route has markets and stores where you can buy any supplies you might need or souvenirs to take back home. Enjoy the colorful stalls and items for sale.

You will be so thrilled with your motorcycle tour of South Africa, that you will want to make plans to return.

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