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Welcome to the Pearl of India and a piece of paradise. That is what you get when you visit Goa, India. This city is located on the western coastal belt of India known as the Konkan. It is noted for is its white beaches, especially Goa Beach but you will also find mountains, beautiful landscapes and paddy fields. You can lie on their beautiful beaches or explore what other marvels Goa has to offer.


A Hippie Kingdom

In the sixties Goa became very popular with the hippie generation. It was the place to be if you were taking a holiday and back then you would pass your days in a daze from the weed that was smoked there. Here hippies found a place away from the mainstream, where they could party and have a good time. There were parties on the beach or they just hung out discussing life, but all that has changed now. With Goa finally coming into its own and attracting visitors all year around, you?ll find no more hippies on the beach. You may find the odd ones who have long given up their old habits and would rather just lie in the sun and relax. Today Goa attracts and caters to a higher class of people and their needs.


For the lap of luxury, Goa offers the Radisson White Sands Resort. This is the ultimate in places to stay, with air conditioning, Internet access, a safe in your room, a health club, health spa and massage. Stroll through beautiful gardens with an outdoor pool and enjoy room service. This hotel is located right on the beach. You can hide away in the luxury of your room or hit out to explore all that Goa has to offer. The Raddisson also has a restaurant right in the hotel and offers a wide variety of cuisines, which includes western as well as Indian.

Another five star hotel that will give you all the luxury that a hotel can give is the Taj Exotica Goa. Here you will find spacious grounds to explore, large well-equipped rooms, beautiful clean sparkling beaches and a restaurant that will satisfy a king himself. This hotel screams luxury for those that seek it.


The nightlife in Goa is lively and exciting especially with all the Shacks on the beaches where you can drink all night and into the next day if you wish. You will find Goa's nightlife never asleep. It serves up an endless array of things to do, but one of the things not to do is drive when you?re drinking. The police may not get you, but the winding roads or a herd of cows in the middle of the road just might.

When you are visiting here, you have to keep in mind that India is a very religious country, which has to be respected by all. If you stay within these limits you will have the time of your life. You?ll find the dining in some of these Shacks exquisite. They serve some of the best European food in India.

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