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UK Health Coverage and Information for Travellers

The United Kingdom has Socialised Health Care, run by the NHS National Health Service. Wikipedia has an excellent article on the National Health Service.

Health Coverage

Socialised medicine does not mean that they provide health care free of charge to visitors. It is important that you confirm that your travel health insurance is valid in the UK and to what level it covers you. If you do not have travel insurance, but have private insurance it would be very wise to confirm if it provides coverage in the UK and to what extent.

Some visitors may have reduced or free Health Coverage. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) *MAY* provide the cardholder with full health coverage at a reduced rate. The EHIC has replaced most previous plans for EU Visitors to the UK (this includes EEA and Switzerland). Click for more information on the UK website for European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

In addition to European coverage, the UK has bilateral health care agreements with many other countries especially Commonwealth countries. Eastern European countries, and former members of the Soviet Union also commonly have bilateral pacts.

Hospitals in the UK

Hospitals in the United Kingdom work very similar to other countries. The emergency number is 999 (not 911 as in other places). This can summon an ambulance for transfer to the hospital.

NHS Direct

For non-emergencies, you can use the highly effective NHS Direct.
NHS Direct website : www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk
NHS Direct Phone Number (Free) : 0845 4647
The phone line is staffed 24-hours a day by NHS Nurses.


The United Kingdom does not have any specific outbreaks of disease that are fatal to humans. Vaccines, including Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Poli, and Hib are advised but not required. Confirm that you have your required booster at the UK Immunisation website.

UK Doctors

Doctors in the UK are normally either General Practitioners (GPs) that are sometimes called "family doctors" elsewhere. A Doctor's office is called a Doctor's Surgery in the UK.

UK Pharmacists

Pharmacists are mostly known as "Chemists". Instead of a Drug Store, one visits the Chemist. A listing of UK Chemists including Chemists in London are avilable here. Boots is the main national chain of chemists.

NOTE: Luxury-Travel-info.com staff are not medical specialists nor specialists on Doctors, Chemists or other aspects of the UK medical community. Please confirm all information with the appropriate specialists. If you have feedback on our information, please contact us.

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