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Crete, Greece, is one of the largest Greek Islands.  One of the most interesting cities on Crete is Hania.

Hania in Crete, Greece, is situated on the western side of this historic Greek Island. Home to the Minoan culture, and blessed by the sun and waves, the Greek Island of Crete has been inhabited for thousands of years. Crete is one of the largest of the Greek Islands, and the 4th largest island in the Mediterranean.
This Greek Island is home of the classic Greek story of the half-man, half-bull Minotaur who attempted to slay Persus.


About Hania, in Crete, Greece

It used to be (and still is) an important town and seaport in Greece because of its geographical position. Hania, Greece is an important export center, principally for soap, oil, wine, oranges, leather, and various agricultural products. Now tourism plays an important role as tourists come to experience island hopping around the Greek Islands.

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Hania, Crete was the capital of ancient Cydonia. One of the oldest cities of the Greek Island of Crete, Hania was conquered (69 BC) by the Romans, and in AD 826 it fell under Arab rule. Reconquered (961) by the Greek Byzantines, this Greek Town became a Venetian colony in 1252. Despite the enormous wall with which the Venetians surrounded Hania, it fell to the Ottoman Empire in 1646. In 1913, when the Ottomans ceded the Island of Crete to Greece, Hania was designated the island's capital. In 1941, during World War II, Cretans showed great heroism and caused heavy damages to Nazi German airborne invaders.
Among the hundreds of notable buildings of Hania are Turkish mosques and Orthodox Greek churches.
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