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Amsterdam is a city of one million people with tree-lined streets and numerous cafes and markets. Canals divide this city into 90 islands and the sight of over 400 bridges in one city is breathtaking.

 Amsterdam Luxury Hotels

 Amsterdam boasts at least 16 5-star hotels overlooking canals including the boutique Bilderberg Garden Hotel and the luxury Amsterdam American Hotel. The last borders the museumplein with the main Rijsmuseum and the specialist Van Gogh Museum.

 Attractions in Amsterdam

 The Rijksmuseum, as the largest museum in Holland, houses the works of famous artists, such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Breitner. Here you will also see doll houses, furniture, weapons from all eras in history as well as Buddhas. The pride of the Rijksmuesum is "The Night Watch", and it dominates the main hallway. To understand the strength of the Rembrandts work, look at the hands particularly, they seem ready to move.

 The nearby Van Gogh Museum is the world?s largest collection of the ill-fated artist?s work.


One of the most visited sites in this city is the Anne Frank Huis ? a house, now museum, where she and her family spent years hiding from the Germans during World War II.

 The Hash Museum, the world famous hemp museum, covers every aspect of the drug, including marijuana and unlike many places in the red light district is only open during the day.

 Red Light District

 The reputation of the red light district is what draws many young travelers and causes older tourists to avoid discussing with their friends where exactly they visited in Europe. Whatever the case it?s worth a look, and certainly safe enough, although at night you?ll get propositioned by eager peddlers. Which is no different than other tourist hotspots although in Amsterdam?s Red Light District they aren?t selling knickknacks.

Flower Market

The flowers and tulips of Holland are known all over the world. At the Flower Market is the only floating market of its kind in the world. Spanning four blocks, there are hundreds of stalls selling blooms of every color and variety. Lazy Sunday brunches can be had overlooking the canals and floating flowershops.

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