Monifieth Beach
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Monifieth Dundee is Scotland's fourth largest city, located on the North East coast. Situated in the centre of Tayside it is accessible by air, rail, road and sea.

Dundee Luxury Accomodations

There are a range of luxury hotels in Dundee, but of most interest to the visitor would be the converted manor houses such as Ashlea Manor Guest House with a double/twin for £60/night including breakfast. 2 Victoria Street, Monifieth, Dundee DD5 4HP
Tel : +44 (0)1382 530015



Monifieth Beach

This beautiful beach is consistently on the list of worlds top beaches. Be warned though, visitors from warmer climes may find it a bit too chill for a dip.

Dundee Golf Courses

There are 4 local courses, but the most popular with visitors is the Monifieth Golf Links, a seaside golfcourse that was setup in 1858. The main course is Ashludie, with 18 holes & 5123 total yards.
Medal Starter's Box, Princes Street, Monifieth, Tayside DD5 4AW
Tel : +44 (0)1382 532767

Things to do In Dundee

The Caird Hall Complex hosts concerts, performances and local gatherings; upon arrival check local listings to see what is playing. Also of great interest is the McManus Galleries and Museum which houses Dundee's main collection in an impressive Gothic Revival building. Look at the city through Dundee city webcam (including monifeith beach)

Walking and Cycling in Dundee

There are currently four major routes in Dundee for walking and cycling: the Green Circular, Sustrans Route 1, Sustrans Route 77 and the North Sea Cycle Route.

Birdwatching on Monifieth Beach

A major pastime for visitors is birdwatching. For more information contact the Angus & Dundee Bird Club.

Broughty Castle

Broughty Castle requires less than an hours travel from anywhere within Dundee. It rests on a rocky promontory on the mouth of the Tay. Built in 1496 on a rocky promontory, it has bears the scars of many sieges and battles. The Castle grounds contain the Broughty Castle Museum which contains local artifacts and gives a good background to the castle and surrounding area's history and present outdoors. For younger visitors, the castle has a comparison between standards of living now and in the past.
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