Middle East Luxury Travel Vacation Guide

Although there are places in the Middle East that travelers avoid because of the hotbed of strife, there are many more where you will find everything geared to your comfort with a wealth of things to see and do. Experience the ancient cultures or immerse yourself in the conveniences of modern city life. Many choices are yours to make when you visit the countries of the Middle East.

 Gulf Emirates and Area Travel Tips for Luxury Vacations

Bahrain is an excellent introduction to the lifestyle of the Middle East. This city is very liberal when it comes to manner of dress and westerners will feel quite comfortable here. As it was the major site of the trading posts of the ancient times, this country still holds many reminders that will take you back in time. There are more than 80,000 burial mounds in this country, the most impressive of which is the Royal Tombs. They are located in the village of Al'i and are believed to be the burial tombs of Kings.

When in Bahrain, you have to visit the southern part of the country. The markets here offer cloth of every imaginable color and bartering is expected. Visit the Siyadi House, built by the 18th century merchant, where you will find ornate ceilings, stained glass windows and carved screens. The Al-Khamis Mosque is the oldest Islamic mosque in the country and its twin towers are visible from a distance. Visit the archaeological sites of the Barbar Temple and the Museum of Pearl Diving. The Arad Fort is an impressive structure and when illuminated at night it is truly an awesome sight.

Visit Kuwait and wander through the mosques, souks (markets) and the sand of Kuwait to explore the traditional values of the Middle East. Visit the Red Fort, which is a low structure built around an open courtyard. The name comes from the red color of its walls. Visit Sadi House, which now houses many of the cultural and historical artifacts of this country. Take a ferry ride to Failakai Island, where you will see many Bronze Age and Greek archaeological sites as well as the traditional boats that are used for fishing.

While in Oman go to see the Samali, the fourth and oldest mosque in the country. Constructed from blocks of stone, this mosque is hidden in the plantations and features stained glass windows and wooden lintels. However, entry inside any of the mosques in this country is forbidden to non- Muslims. Muscat is the main city and it is here you will see the Sultan's Palace. There are two well-preserved Portuguese forts guarding the entrance to the town and the narrow streets and old buildings provide a very picturesque setting.

Saladah seems almost tropical with its groves of coconut trees, banana plantations and sandy beaches. Visit the Al-Badid ruins, where the ancient city of Zafar once stood. Sur is a fishing village and market place all in one and the souk at Sohar is a must see, with its imposing four-story fort overlooking the town.

Some of the other countries of the Middle East include Iran, Israel and Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and the Yemen. Before you choose to travel, you need to check out the political situation. Of great issues as well is having two passports if you wish to visit Israel, as some Muslim countries will not let you in if you have visited Israeal (and vice-versa).

When you do find the countries you feel comfortable visit, you can be assured of being amazed at the level of service and the wealth of attractions and amenities that are available for you.

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